Posted by Guitar Pro on 3rd May 2010 in Guitar Playing Tips I learned to play guitar with Practice, Practice, Practice and get a copy of Guitar Master Pro, that’s how I did it! Good Luck!

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25 Responses to “guitar”

  1. Phoenix21293 says:

    @krikkitelder probably cause IT’S Pachelbel’s canon…

  2. razavn2009 says:

    Omule de la toata Romania :ESTI TARE!!!!!!!

  3. stevekim123 says:

    damn 72 mill views

  4. krikkitelder says:

    sounds like Pachelbel’s Canon – the saturday morning cartoon theme song

  5. DisasterPussier says:

    Teach me my masteeeer!

  6. daSzill says:

    @philonetic: but this guy ist much cooler

  7. philonetic says:

    search JerryC Canon Rock, it’s the original, this guy is just copying him.
    JerryC has palsy and made the ORIGINAL Canon Rock, search it.

  8. undersquirl says:

    thumbs up if this is the best vid on jewtube!

  9. Isawabirdy says:

    This is fake I mean it’s obvious that he is a guitar playing ninja of some sort.

  10. wortinator says:

    How to play Songs on the Guitar better than Hendrix and VanHalen… ROFL
    Do you really think you are as good as them???

  11. TheSgpete says:

    Love it!

  12. henrik310 says:

    @philonetic finally someone realized!

  13. Blackbird23008 says:

    Excellent, Very entertaining to listen to!!

  14. jaguarwu says:


  15. Satakss says:

    der is so ein geiler guitaren spieler | this is so a hammer guitar player > =)

  16. randomlyfreakish says:

    To think one of the best youtube videos is an advertizement……..

  17. Jeweetzelluf6 says:

    How Do i get Canon rock w/ guitar?

  18. OldManArthur says:

    So now I gotta learn Pachelbel’s canon so that I can play Green Day.

  19. philonetic says:

    WTF who gives a damn about this guy, he’s just copying JerryC.

  20. Metallica0wnzYOU says:

    Canon Rock, by JerryC

  21. huy1712 says:

    it’s awesome , mate!!

  22. kisleki1 says:


    I dont know surely but i think Pachelbel – Canon d But that is a classical music!!!

    And Funtwo is the biggest animal ive ever seen!!! lol Congratulation MAN!

  23. kukubau says:

    …. really AWESOME !

  24. bazz2202 says:

    @tomeuquelyjajaja JerryC’s reworking of Johan Pachelbel’s classical piece Canon in D major, Commonly known as just Pachelbel’s Canon, or Canon in D.

  25. Nightslash091 says:

    @tomeuquelyjajaja This version is called Cannon Rock but the original is called Cannon in D or Pachelbels Canon. Its a really beautiful song.

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