You And Your Heart (Jack Johnson) Guitar Lesson

Posted by Guitar Pro on 26th July 2010 in Guitar Video Tutorials

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8 Responses to “You And Your Heart (Jack Johnson) Guitar Lesson”

  1. eilidhbutler9 says:

    great video, it helped me alot!
    anychance u could do one for inaudible melodies?
    Thanks Ex

  2. greenbreathe says:

    thanks dude x)

  3. beezblues says:

    @mikesterharg cheers man, i might do another video with vocals these days…

  4. mikesterharg says:

    Bro I think using a voice over would be alot more help! But good tutorial otherwise!

  5. beezblues says:

    @pampulmuse cheers mate, i play the barre D chord x5777x but you can play a normal open D and it will be just as good. same goes for A and G.

  6. pampulmuse says:

    awesome, buut, do you like bar some notes down when playing the D chord? i cant get the D sound with that fingering…

  7. ccoscio says:

    Son los acordes adecuados!!, gracias, excelente cancion!

  8. goldenglovled says:

    thanks so much. i’ve been looking for a good tutorial for the intro!

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