advanced acoustic guitar players, I need help.?

Posted by Guitar Pro on 22nd October 2010 in Advanced

okay, I’ve been playing guitar for 4 years now, and I’m tired about the things I’ve been playing esp rocks like Green day Simple plan, MCR..etc..and some acoustics by Eagles and Eric Clapton, Bryan Adams and some classical riffs etc..I think I’ve got lots of experience, but it’s kinda boring coz I’m just repeating songs over and over again (and is no longer challenging)…can you help me out with harder songs that could challenge me? Do you know some and can you give me their title?

I never went to any guitar lessons..I just studied on my own and played songs that I like, but can you guys recommend me some riffs that advanced/pro players do/practice? or any websites you could recommend (that are free)? Thanks alot.

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6 Responses to “advanced acoustic guitar players, I need help.?”

  1. death_by_stereo says:

    blackbird- the beatles
    yellow ledbetter- Pearl Jam

    took me a week to learn the beatles w/out looking at music

  2. lyrefish d says:

    go to has a lot of songs.try stairway to heaven.

  3. Paul Hxyz says:

    It sounds like you are committed enough to take some SERIOUS lessons. Start taking some CLASSICAL METHOD lessons from a QUALIFIED teacher – you will advance farther than you ever possibly could without one, learn techniques that will make you a MASTER of the guitar. All of the great guitarists have has at least some classical-method training. And, you will learn how to read guitar music this way, if you don’t already.

    As for some players to check out: Al Dimeola, Paco De Lucia, Julian Bream, John Williams, Andres Segovia, Christopher Parkening, and a whole lot more.

  4. seamac56 says:

    I’ll second Paul’s advice, above. Also, start finding some jam buddies or practice partners-players at or above your skill level who are interested in playing your type of music.

  5. interdreamer says:

    try journeyman by iron maiden

  6. charmaine_r03 says:

    I know people who’ve reached that point. Try the scale, i think you’re already done with rhythm and everything, try looking up the different kind of modes, and integrate them into your playing if you already know how scales. Also you could compose your own songs, using stuff you’ve learned from everything you’ve listen to. That way you won’t get bored.

    Wikipedia’s a good place to start. Also i think you’ll find quite amusing. There are tabs there for different licks and riffs that you could imitate.

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