Play Acoustic Blues Guitar – Evil – with the Acoustic Blues Travellers

Posted by Guitar Pro on 6th November 2010 in Blues Guitar Tips Complete Acoustic Blues and Ragtime Guitar Lessons New Classic Blues Video Site Here http Subscribe to my Newsletter and receive a complete ragtime guitar lesson here How To Play Acoustic Blues guitar – It’s Evil by Howlin’ Wolf, given the Acoustic Blues Travellers special treatment.

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25 Responses to “Play Acoustic Blues Guitar – Evil – with the Acoustic Blues Travellers”

  1. bluesgurugod says:

    Evil sure is going on – howlin’ good!

  2. healinggreen says:

    Bravissimo!!!! 10 stars for this dynamic duo!!! yeah!!!! Hey thanks for the invite!!!!

  3. schwekkl says:

    Who ever say these Guys suck, you know shit about Music and you are for sure the Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus Generation.

    How good you are guys, i can´t express in words

  4. 11barber11 says:

    you guys rock

  5. 11barber11 says:

    Man you Guys are awsome!! love this song

  6. jaminorm says:

    Absolutely fantastic!

  7. Romar10o0 says:

    nice tune guys i love the blues,
    i bought myself a harp a few days ago and im going to play the blues to but im not good enough yet xD
    but ill keep practising, any tips?

    keep it going!

  8. macdoninri says:

    im studying Blues on my own.
    this is inspiring. :)

  9. TzzX78 says:

    who the fluck said white man cannot play blues!!!?!?!

  10. x7black7x says:

    great voice man

  11. tyel60 says:

    You Rock!!!! regards from Athens Greece!!

  12. 77bonney says:

    keep playing its great

  13. Brok92 says:

    that´s the real music you got it right there guys … Nice job

  14. vikikiv says:

    :D…i just like it;)

  15. MrDidjcripey says:

    Inspirational! Good blues musicians are like a fine wine, getting better with age.

  16. VelvetRevolverMother says:

    this is absolutely amaziiiinnnngg!!!!!! and im only about 1:00 in :O

  17. aekhoo says:

    gotta love that harp the guitar too (sound a little like clapton guitar wise)

  18. spresley61109 says:


  19. JB7224 says:

    awsome awsome awsome

  20. castagnola22 says:

    impresionante como toca la armonica ese tipo… un capo he felicitaciones

  21. HarpBreak says:

    CHOICE Grade AAA!!!

  22. LokiTheCursedGod says:

    hey could someone give me the link of the original song?

  23. comomegustalamusica says:

    love it!
    saludos de Costa Rica

  24. ediporck says:


  25. SuperBluesman101 says:


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