Buying a guitar, advice?

Posted by Guitar Pro on 30th November 2010 in Guitar Playing Tips

I play in a punk/posthardcore band. I’m thinking about buying a regular standard American fender telecaster. I like traditional strat, but i need a guitar with more variety. I really like the way Les Pauls sound. And I think Tom Delonge (blinks my fav.) guitar sounds pretty good. But I’m looking for a guitar in between $200-$500. A link to guitar site would be cool.

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5 Responses to “Buying a guitar, advice?”

  1. Not_Here says:

    I like, they have good selection, from beginner guitars to the higher end ones………You could get a good guitar for that price range.

    try out these sites also:

  2. jivesucka says:

    get an OLP, they’re korean made versions of ernie ball music man guitars and are slightly better in quality than fender’s squier

  3. NAQ says:

    damn someone already linked the prices are great, but i think what would be a good idea is to head down to your local music store (sam ash or guitar center maybe?). you can grab a guitar (or get someone to assist you), plug it in to the amp and see how it is for yourself!

    you would see how the guitar feels in your hands and how it plays. how well does your finger work on that fret board ect. shopping online for something so special can be tricky. so i much rather go to a music store.

    some models you might want to consider as far as looks:

    SG (by Gibson)
    Mockingbird (by BC Rich)
    F-200 (by ESP)

    however, i still feel that you cant go wrong with a good ol les paul. good luck to you!

  4. greg c says:

    misicians guitar center

  5. Spooky says:

    When you said punk/posthardcore band, a tele was not the first guitar to come to mind. If you need a guitar with a lot of variety, it may not be what you want. ESp and Dean make some really nice versatile guitars in you price range. I would go guitar “shop-hopping” and try to play around on a bunch of different ones. You can get suggestions from us all day, but you are never really going to know if it’s what you want til you play it yourself.

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