Lessons to play acoustic guitar for a beginner?

Posted by Guitar Pro on 30th January 2011 in Acoustic Guitar Tips

So it’s the first time learning to play acoustic guitar and I have a series of video lessons. Each video teaches a certain aspect of guitar and I would like to know in which order I should watch them?

Holding the guitar
Parts of a guitar
Strumming chords
Strum & beat
Tuning your guitar
Slap,frail and thump

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4 Responses to “Lessons to play acoustic guitar for a beginner?”

  1. Jens Dman says:

    Learning all that is good, but I would advice you to pick an song that you really like and start playing that first. Just to get you motivated. I have been playing since 1998 and, like looking at your list, whats Slap,frail and thump? What I mean is you should play and it should be fun. Have a look at my blog
    Great Guitar Sound – http://greatguitarsound.blogspot.com

    I have alot of info over there. Good luck with your playing.

  2. you're welcome says:

    It shouldn’t really matter in the end, but Id say Parts of the guitar, Holding the guitar, tunning your guitar, Measures, Strum and Beat, Strumming chords, and then Slap, frail and thump.

  3. Alejandro says:

    Hey! how are you?

    I found that some video lessons are good to do, but really improving I think that you have to have someone that explains you and give you exercises for you to improve better at your own steps.

    If you want send me a mail interested and I will like to help you for free. I can teach you guitar online and I also can send you some pdf’s books with material that we’ll work on. and later we could work on learning songs and all.

  4. crashoverride says:

    great guitar step by step lessons ebook at http://guitarmanual.typepad.com/blog/

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