Need a “Advanced” song for the talent show?

Posted by Guitar Pro on 10th February 2011 in Advanced

Hey, our bands playing in a talent show in a month. We played Cliffs of dover last year, but we really want to blow everybody away. Whats a really good song with advanced Guitar, drums, and bass. And something people know too. We also played hot for teacher for an assembly in the middle of the year. We play anything from frank zappa, to avenged sevenfold, GnR, ACDC, Googoodolls, ect..
nothing really easy, somethings really hard to play

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6 Responses to “Need a “Advanced” song for the talent show?”

  1. Classified C says:

    A song i’ve been trying to do is Paschendale by Iron Maiden.
    It’s extremley advanced on guitar in my opinion, and just listening to the song makes me assume the drum line and bass is also difficult.

  2. xImperfect since 1986x says:

    Foo Fighters-The Pretender
    Iron Maiden-Run To the Hills

  3. torefractionol says:

    If you can pull of the voice parabola by tool… or you could do black my pearl jam…

  4. Never the Machine Forever says:

    Pretty Noose by Soundgarden
    its kick @ss.

  5. Duke Nukem says:

    Technical Difficulties by Racer X

  6. Jacob says:

    The beatles: day tripper
    ac dc: thunderstruck
    survivor: eye of the tiger
    eric clapton: layla
    the rolling stones: paint it black
    all of those are pretty easy to play and sound great, good luck man!

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