American Honey (Lady Antebellum) Guitar Lesson- Standard Tuning

Posted by Guitar Pro on 13th March 2011 in Guitar Tuning

Kris Farrow presents a guitar lesson for Lady Antebellum’s “American Honey”. Available on Kris’s album “Acoustic Guitar Karaoke: Vol. 16″. Find this, and tons of other acoustic guitar karaoke tracks, by searching for “Kris Farrow” on iTunes! To stay up to date on new lessons and albums from Kris, go to and sign his email list!

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15 Responses to “American Honey (Lady Antebellum) Guitar Lesson- Standard Tuning”

  1. spanquet15 says:

    dude you sound like Josh Turner

  2. gu1tarben says:

    Thanks for the help. you rock. you are one of the best teachers on youtube.

  3. kfarrow77 says:

    I demonstrated what to play in the first verse, but it is applicable to all of the verses in the song.

  4. oleguitarman69 says:

    great tut! but what do i play for the part of steady as a preacher free as a weed?????

  5. guny939 says:

    wow your teaching is great! :-) awesome, keep it up. could you make a lesson on lifehouse – Hanging by a moment ? It would be great if you could :-)

  6. kfarrow77 says:

    @misslily30352 The VERY FIRST thing I say in this video is that the song is actually played in an open tuning, and then a link is given to my lesson video utilizing that open tuning :-) This is simply an alternative way to play the song.

  7. misslily30352 says:

    its actually in alternate tunning :) DAVE HAYWOOD did a tutorial C# G# C# F# G# C#………

  8. kimberleyma93 says:

    thanx for the tutorial but i’m having troubl with the strumming pattern… could you plz post how it is??
    greetings from spain :)

  9. lovexstitch says:

    Thank you. Now, if I could just get my barring of chords down, I will be set.

  10. mermazanec says:

    thanks so much for making this, its really helpful. im a beginner and having trouble hearing the strumming pattern. could you post that please? thanks so much!

  11. DudesMclintock480 says:

    ok… so l love your guitar :)

  12. GuitarSingerGirl says:

    has it been along time since u made a video??? i think so! hahahhaha.
    can u PLEASE do “When i look at you” by Miley Cyrus???!!!! PLEASE
    or “need you now” by lady antebellum. THANKS! :D

  13. oreorockr says:

    intro pretty please thanks!

  14. GwenMadlyn says:

    Do you have any recommendations for someone trying to learn the guitar? You’re great by the way :)

  15. lauraluvslax says:

    you have by far the best guitar tutorials on youtubee! 5 stars!

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