help anyone who plays electric guitar or is learning plz clicky and help me?

Posted by Guitar Pro on 20th March 2011 in Electric Guitar Tips

hello recently I’m learning to play I had about 5 lessons and my 6 one is coming up soon.I feel very stupid it’s hard for me sometimes to get all this info stored.I feel like I’m to retarded to learn this and it hurts alot.I love music and I want to become a musician someday.Any tips on learning.Btw I been praticing but one of my gutiar strings broke and I don’t know how to fix it:(.And tips is there hope for anyone to learm.No mean comments plz! and is bass easier to learn then lead guitar?

oh erm sorry about the shitty spelling I’m aware I did errors but spell check is messed ! and not working
thanks for advice i hope more people help out! is bass easier then lead?? just wondering well thanks:) hope more people click on and help

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5 Responses to “help anyone who plays electric guitar or is learning plz clicky and help me?”

  1. T_claire says:

    that sounds like stress dont think that u cant play the guitar or u will play it badly just try to relax and get the idea of it just try to say I know I can play it and u can get it same thing with me with the flute but I got it because I relaxed Good Luck

  2. rock_guitar_devil says:

    Hello. I’m 14 and it will be 2 years I play lead guitar. And well, I don’t wanna brag but I’m real good, well, first of all, to cange a guitar string you just have to loose the string and then cut it and then throw it in the garbage. well, for a year I played by my self and then I took lessons for about a year now. when you begin to play guitar, its always difficult, but when you will become more experianced, you will rock your heart out, its more easier tho, well, if you got any questions just email me, Don’t give up, it will become more easier with time.!!! Good Luck men!

  3. ☺☻♥☼♫♪ says:

    im having my 7th lesson tomarrow, loll!

  4. gangster chicken says:

    just keep trying
    lol a year ago i was saying the same things
    but what i think helped me the most was that i had an idol to look up to.for me it was avenged seven fold… also u might want to try bass its not as hard and there arent alot of strings after u got bass down then move on to electric gutiar thats what i did

  5. elguitaristo says:

    well, in guitar lessons they usually cover restringing and whatnot. So I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to get that fixed. If not, check out It’s a great sight for beginners, professionals, and even builders (like myself). I would say that bass is easier, to a certain extent. With bass, you become the backbone of the band. You have to keep the rhythm going, and it takes alot. You have to be born with that beat. It’s much harder to become the next Les Claypool than to be the next Jimi Hendrix. I wish you the best of luck in doing whatever it is that you hope to accomplish with music. Dont ever let anyone discourage you, or make you quit playing. Someone may be better than you, but it’s not a pissing contest. It’s about being happy in doing what you like to do.

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