What is the best acoustic guitar for a 7 year old child to begin learning on, not too expensive please.?

Posted by Guitar Pro on 9th April 2011 in Acoustic Guitar Tips

My son has expressed an interest in learning how to play the guitar but I am not sure which one to buy. I don’t want to pay too much as this may or may not be short lived. Can anyone advise please.

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8 Responses to “What is the best acoustic guitar for a 7 year old child to begin learning on, not too expensive please.?”

  1. Hyun Lee says:

    I am not sure about the smaller children guitars if you want those though.

    If you want your kid to use the guitar for a long time:
    Try a Yamaha, in the cheaper ranges.
    They have solid designs and sounds, and aren’t too expensive.
    Definitely worth a bit more if you are planning to keep the guitar for a while.

    Otherwise, try some of the smaller brands. If you visit any guitar stores, they’ll have a selection of a few cheap but usable guitars for just about $100.

  2. Woah, wtf! says:

    get the First Act Guitars, they r specifically for beginners. you can get them at toys r us too

  3. Kab says:

    Go to the music store and buy the best you can afford. Think that if your son continues, he will need a better instrument and you would wind up spending more in the long run. If your son gives it up after a short time, and he has taken good care of it, he should be able to get a decent amount for it, selling it to another youth.

  4. ♫ La vita è misteriosa ♫ says:

    First Act are junk, you may as well make your own guitar out of toothpicks. No re-sale value, either.


  5. Captain Jack says:

    Go to a bricks and mortar music store and by a decent used guitar. They may even cut you a better deal if you sign the kid up for lessons there.


  6. Paul L says:

    Funny you should ask this question. When I was 7 years old, I got an acoustic guitar for Christmas. It was THE best gift I ever received, and learning how to play music with it was an amazing experience. I hope your child feels the same way.

    To answer your question, you should be able to get one at Wal Mart. Not the ‘toy’ type one, but one that is larger than that. It should be the right size for your child. Or, you can check with a music store and ask about guitars for beginners. They can point you in the right direction.

    If your child wants to keep playing and learning, then in a few years you can get him/her a better quality one.

    Good luck.

  7. OnTheRock says:

    The First Act and other toy guitars are really not very good. They don’t stay in tune, they are hard on little fingers because the strings are so high off the neck, and they break very easily. A 7 year old will be too small to play a full size dreadnought guitar like some have recommended though. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 7 and I started on a 3/4 size guitar, which was still a bit big for me at the time. My son is 8 now and has a 1/2 size guitar which is getting a bit small for him. So, depending on whether your son is small for his age or average to large for his age, I’d recommend going either 1/2 size or 3/4 size. 3/4 size is probably the safer option as he’ll probably continue to grow and not shrink!
    Here’s a chart to help:
    Age Height of Player Size of Guitar
    4-6 years old 3’3″ to 3’9″ 1/4-Size
    5-8 years old 3’10” to 4’5″ 1/2-Size
    8-11 years old 4’6″ to 4’11” 3/4-Size
    11-Adult 5′ or taller 4/4-Size

    As for brands, the Baby Taylor would be a great guitar but costs $300. I know guys who’ve played for years and have one of those for a travel/campfire guitar. On the lower end, the Dean Play JT at around $60 is not too bad. Yamaha also makes some nice 3/4 size guitars around $130 if you want to go middle of the road. Really though, at that age you just want them to learn to read notes and put their fingers on the right fret of the right string. After a while they’ll learn some easy chords. In a couple years, if he’s still playing you’ll want to get him a better full size guitar. For now, go to a music store and get a reasonably priced 3/4 size guitar that is not a toy and he should be fine with it.

  8. SKCave says:

    Go to a music shop and see what 3/4 size guitars are on offer. You need to get the best you can afford so that it will last. I use a Little Martin as a travel guitar, but it is a good size for a smaller child.

    Hope this helps.

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