G’N’R – Patience (Lesson, Main Guitar Solo)

Posted by Guitar Pro on 10th April 2011 in Guitar Tuning

A quick & easy how to play Slash’s famous solo from the Guns N’ Roses song ‘PATIENCE’ . The Guitar Tuning is: 6th E = D#, 5th A = G#, 4th D = C#, 3rd G = F#, 2nd B = A#, 1st E = D#.

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25 Responses to “G’N’R – Patience (Lesson, Main Guitar Solo)”

  1. jonlenon100 says:

    wow nice haha

  2. algersy1985 says:

    Como vas a enseñar algo tan facil

  3. EXTREMEproductions1 says:

    @mitchtickler th whole i got up to the pasrt in the 7th fre nice lesson though

  4. mitchtickler says:

    @EXTREMEproductions1 Ha ha, how far into the video did you watch…?

  5. EXTREMEproductions1 says:

    at least play it slow

  6. jparls says:

    Awesome tutorial, this finally taught me how to play the solo. Thank you so much for this video.

  7. rasha141 says:

    enseña ma lento po aweonao xdddd

  8. CaracasVtwin says:

    thanks man! awesome and simple tut!

  9. KonstantinKostic says:

    Thanks man!!!!!!! Very Helpful……… :)

  10. KaYSeR909 says:

    1:24- 1:36 haha that part was hard…..

  11. KaYSeR909 says:


  12. mobstar1 says:

    sweet, i learned my first guns solo :)

  13. niltonfederal1 says:

    Fazia uma cara que estava tentando pegar esse solo, e vc foi o cara com quem aprendi. thank you . very good.

  14. cseijif says:

    CAn someone help me?, the second part of taht solo, when it starts on 7
    it just dosent sounds good, can someone help me?

  15. mitchtickler says:

    Sorry , I don’t have Tabs, Just my ears…

  16. mitchtickler says:

    Martin Custom Light Strings .011 – .052 I believe.

  17. mitchtickler says:

    Martin Custom Light Strings .011 – .052 I believe.

  18. dinex121 says:

    Nice tutorial… what is the string gauge ur using???

  19. Olinolan190 says:

    E flat

  20. ayameira says:

    tabs please?

  21. Brybea89 says:

    what’s the tune?

  22. PivotSweden says:

    @KYTCHMUSIC Looks like a guitar for me.. =/

  23. AnonymousErica says:

    really nice !!!

  24. demonedstring1 says:

    nice!!thanks man!!!!!

  25. MJisDEAD100 says:

    @KYTCHMUSIC yeah I looked them up. It is a Maton, Australian Made X}

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