how to tune a guitar into drop C without breaking the strings :P?

Posted by Guitar Pro on 29th April 2011 in Guitar Playing Tips

i try and i try to tune my guitar into drop C and everytime i follow a tutorial on youtube or off the net i always end up tightnin a string too tight and it snaps and i get right pissed.

does anyone have a good way easy way to do this without breaking the strings?!

thanks to all who answerd!

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2 Responses to “how to tune a guitar into drop C without breaking the strings :P?”

  1. John says:

    “Drop” means “lower”. You shouldn’t be tightening any strings.

    Tune “fat” E string DOWN to C
    Tune A string DOWN to G
    Tune D string DOWN to C
    Tune G string DOWN to F
    Tune B string DOWN to A
    Tune high E string DOWN to D

  2. AA says:

    You must be doing something very very wrong, because there’s no way in hell you should be breaking strings in drop C. The strings should be really loose in drop C. It sounds like you’re tuning UP instead of DOWN.

    So, here we go…

    1) Tune your 6th string DOWN to C. that’s a very very low note – no way the string should break.

    2) Tune your 5th string to G – you can find the G by fretting the 6th string at the 7th fret.

    3) Tune your 4th string to C – an octave higher than the 6th string. you can find this D note by fretting the 6th string at the 12 fret, or by fretting the 5th string at the 5th fret.

    4) Tune your 3rd string to F – you can find the F by fretting the 4th string at the 5th fret.

    5) Tune your 2nd string to A – you cna find the A by fretting the 3rd string at the 4th fret.

    6) Tune your 1st string to D – you can find the D by fretting the 2nd string at the 5th fret.

    That’s CGCFAD – same as drop d but a whole step lower.


    Now that I think about it, the type of bridge you have matters. If you have a fixed (or a locked locking) bridge, the above instruction applies; it’s easy.

    If your axe has a floating bridge, like a floyd rose trem, it’s a lot trickier. You should just take it to a guitar shop & have them show you how to do it. Some people will put a butter-knife or something under the bridge to “lock” it in place & then tune, but you can damage your gutar, and there’s no guarantee that it’ll stay in tune after you remove the lock.

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