PART 1 – Eric Clapton Blues Guitar Lesson – Journeyman Style

Posted by Guitar Pro on 21st May 2011 in Advanced

To download tab and the MP3 jam track to practice with for this lesson (free), go to This lesson is part 1 of 2 in learning how to play a blues guitar lead in the style of Eric Clapton. This lesson incorporates several of the guitar licks that he commonly uses and is built in his phrasing style. This lesson is recommended for intermediate advanced guitar players although a beginner should be able to play along with the first half of this solo.

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14 Responses to “PART 1 – Eric Clapton Blues Guitar Lesson – Journeyman Style”

  1. jeromycorey23 says:

    great lesson man! i really enjoy your teaching! thanks!

  2. dihsruhk says:

    really like ur lessons

  3. rollingstopp says:

    my attention span was waining

  4. nicecoolbuddy says:

    START @ 0.47

  5. F3FisGoodforYou says:

    I use to have the same guitar, a Strat Plus Deluxe from 92 with Lace Sensor… Beautiful instrument but worst Strat ever… the neck was wrapped, no Luthier was able to make the action low, and the sound of the Lace Sensor is really crap compare to other Fender Pickups… I understand why Clapton is using it though, they works well through a chain of effect… like Gilmour with the EMG.

  6. gunn2040 says:

    great video man

  7. JusticieroDeLaMuerte says:

    @mimidavis82 Gold Lace Sensors, it’s a Strat Plus from the late 80’s.

  8. dyingforastrat says:

    @mimidavis82 look like lace sensor golds

  9. cloveman40 says:

    Can you tell us how your amp is set up on the lessons you give?more info would be great thanks.keep rocking

  10. cobracarg says:

    @bluesdog88 he considers the pentatonic scale, the blues scale, which is not true. pentatonic minor is 1 b3 4, 5, b7

    blues scale is 1 b3 4 b5 5 b7

  11. bluesdog88 says:

    Pentatonic Blues is 1,b3,4,b5,b7
    Pentatonic Minor is 1,b3,4,b7

    is this right? @1:34

  12. bluesfashion says:

    @mimidavis82 lace sensor

  13. mimidavis82 says:

    what pickups are those?

  14. MrMakore says:

    hii; how fo you do this sound?? what gear you used?????????

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