Solo blues song guitar?

Posted by Guitar Pro on 27th August 2011 in Blues Guitar Tips

I need a solo blues song to preform on guitar, anyone got any ideas?

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9 Responses to “Solo blues song guitar?”

  1. wishafur says:

    Hmm.. Just use a simple blues progression and solo to it using the minor pentatonic. [=

  2. kdwilent says:

    How about Lightnin’ Hopkins “Mojo Hand” ! or Jimmy Reed’s “You Don’t have to go”

  3. Pearl_Jamison says:

    The best solo’s are the ones you make yourself, because i dont thing anyone would like playing with someone elses solo.

    If your good at creating solos, go for it…

  4. Tim "Wickman" F says:

    Lenny by SRV…its tough to do though and impossible to replicate the heart of SRV but it can be played impressively

  5. Petbull says:

    Excuse me, I dare to suggest you a double CD whose title is “WHITE BOYS BLUES” [*], which include some of the best British guitar players, such as… Eric Clapton (solo) together with Jimmy Page (base), by 1963/5 – wow! -, as well as Albert Lee, Jeff Beck, Jeremy Spencer, Tony McPhee, and some groups, such as Santa Barbara & Machine Head, Savoy Brown Blues Band, Ten Years After… [* CASTLE COMMUNICATIONS – MPO-France / CCSCD-UK]

    Other double CD (of SOME more recent – or… SOME less aged… artists) is “GUITAR HEROES” [VIRGIN+EMI+UNIVERSAL MUSIC], including Queen, Deep Purple, Def Lepard, Dire Straits, Black Sabbath, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Cream, Status Quo, Whitesnake and several other groups/soloists – an idea by Brian May (from Queen).

    Greetings from Brazil, South America!

  6. pickpicker says:

    here’s my own list whenever i play solo in blues:

    1) SRV – Chitlins Con Carne
    2) SRV – Little Wing
    3) Jimi Hendrix – Red House
    4) Eric Clapton – Reptile
    5) BB King – The Thrill Is Gone

    for no.3 and no.5, I usually replace singing with own improvised solos playing on backing track.

  7. Jimmy. says:

    Some people prefering pentatonic wanking instead of music, and that’s fine. Myself, I prefer fingerstyle blues. Listen to some delta, then some folkish stuff (Ala mississippi john hurt). Figure it out.

  8. EspArAgIyO!!! says:

    most of srv songs or b.b king ………..

  9. Libra73' says:

    B.B.King blues songs are always played with Lucile
    Bonnie Raf plays blues with her guitar
    Howlin’ Wolf played a guitar?
    Bo Diddly?
    Muddy water?

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