Learning about acoustic guitar?

Posted by Guitar Pro on 17th September 2011 in Acoustic Guitar Tips

I’ve been interested in guitars for a couple of years now but it’s just one of those potential hobbies I never got around to trying. Money is tight and I currently can’t afford a guitar but i’ll be getting a cheap acoustic guitar soon.

My question is can somebody tell me all I need to know about the actual guitar so I know what i’m doing as far as reading notes, how to tune it, knowing where to put my fingers (what are those dots called? and what the strings and such are called/named? I want to know everything possible and be as ready as possible to play the guitar before I actually get it. I know absolutely nothing about guitars but i’ve always admired them.

Thank you very much for any help and I really appreciate it.

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2 Responses to “Learning about acoustic guitar?”

  1. Guitarpicker says:

    You could check at musiciansfriend.com and find some acoustics near the $100 mark.

    Once you get the guitar you can first learn basic chord formations and the accompanying chords that are associated with them. Get the book, Hal Leonard’s Beginning Guitar Method Book One. It shows basic chords and music theory with exercises.

    The dots on the fretboard are called guide dots, which allow the player to quickly eye-ball certain frets during the playing process and to mentally store certain chord formations in those frets.

    The names of the strings, in standard tuning, from the thickest string to the smallest is: E A D G B E.

    You will need to spend about $20 for a tuner unless you have a piano at home. Starting with professional lessons for at least three months is the best way to go, but if money is extremely limited, get a chord book and Hal Leonard’s book.

  2. Ginitro says:

    acoustic or classical? classicals are w/o dots(well some have on side of fretboard) its tuned from top down: E A D G B E. try starting to learn notes in first position then move up to shifting and harmonics. if you dont want to learn notes, try tabs

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