scale modes lead guitar harmonies (The Trooper Iron Maiden)

Posted by Guitar Pro on 28th December 2011 in Guitar Chords

Play harmonies using the modes in my lessons. I use part of the song The Trooper by Iron Maiden to show a practical application. Sorry about the edits, it was to long to post so I had to trim it a bit. Have fun.

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25 Responses to “scale modes lead guitar harmonies (The Trooper Iron Maiden)”

  1. dkblanke says:

    thanx, they are both pretty rockin’ guitars :)


  2. DiveBombProductions says:

    Nice Joe Satriani guitar! I used to have that model but I traded it for the Steve Vai Jem! Both great guitars!

  3. dkblanke says:

    @MrCecilbag thank you, I hope it helps.

    keep rockin’

  4. MrCecilbag says:

    i found this for the trooper lead but got a ton more info ill be watching more of your stuff great lesson man i really appreciated it

  5. dkblanke says:

    @draigo69 thanx for the comment.

    keep jammin’

  6. draigo69 says:

    Nice one mate ,,,,great info and format ,,,cheers !!!!!!

  7. dkblanke says:

    @terr0rc0uple you’re right, I did, the last part actually moves up to the g string(also I normally play the harmony in the 10th position not the 3rd or I use my eventide). Also, Maiden’s harmonies are dead on 3rds, but if I played it that way i wouldn’t be able to demonstrate that harmonies don’t always have to be in 3rds or 6ths. I wasn’t trying to teach the Trooper, but demonstrate harmonic relationships and it seems to have helped you, So that makes me happy :)

    keep jammin’

  8. terr0rc0uple says:

    You played the trooper wrong but you helped me to write my own harmonies

  9. john17272123 says:

    your cool1

  10. smallfaucet says:

    rock on forever

  11. G27dude says:

    Nice lesson man!! I think you taught a little bit more than simply harmonizing but that’s awesome. I personally love harmonies and try to stop myself from harmonizing every piece of music I write with my band. haha. Thanks man m/

  12. rtard3000 says:

    Up The Irons!

    Great vid brother =P

  13. dkblanke says:

    I am a big Ibanez fan, since 1987. I have played and owned many brands. I have a strat, les paul and many Ibanez currently. It really depends too on what kind of music you want to play. I think the ibanez are more versatile than most. Split single coil and humbuckers. If Jazz, maybe a hollow body. Ibanez is always a good start, with 500 you should be happy. Lower line guitars are all cheap for the most part, but can be functional. try to play a few first to see what feels good to you.

  14. LowC1974 says:

    Hey, your tutorial vids are great, thanks so much for imparting your knowledge. Question : what kind of guitar do you recommend that will last me as I progress in the neighbourhood of $500.00? My personal favorite is a Gibson SG 61 reissue, but I can’t afford $2000.00 annnnd…. do you have or are planning to make any vids that have complete (long) runs or solos with the pentatonic tabs? Your feed back is greatly appreciated. Thanks

  15. dkblanke says:

    true, beauty is in the eye or ear of the beholder. If you play harmonies in diatonic 3rds it will go between major and minor. If you do all minor 3rds or all major 3rds you would be moving through keys, very interesting, fun and it is done. You can do what ever you want, that’s the cool thing about music :)

    p.s. I like the minors alot too.

  16. wwwjunkcom87 says:

    that depends on other people’s ear right?lol. Maybe to you(or most of the people in this world) think that harmonizing a major 3rd apart sounds really good and nice(or maybe more accurate), but to me major 3rd sounds too happy and major-ish,hahaha. I like more into gloomy, creepier, sadder sounds, well thats just me i guess, not everyone have the same ear and taste as me,hahaha. Do you agree?

  17. dkblanke says:

    Just making a play on words. Even though any interval is technically a harmony (or even many intervals) it doesn’t mean that it will sound good :)


  18. wwwjunkcom87 says:

    Can you define harmonious? thanks.

  19. dkblanke says:

    I think you are right on track. any interval can be a harmony, like I said below, it will be harmony, but it may not be harmonious.

    keep jammin

  20. wwwjunkcom87 says:

    Hey I have a question, can i do harmonies with other interval such as minor 2nd, major 2nd, minor 3rd, minor 6th, or minor or major 7th maybe? Do we really need to abide the rules or is it a MUST to abide the rules(theory)? Or maybe we jsut need trust our gud ol’ ears? then again, theory is just theory, right?hahahaha. What do you think?

  21. dkblanke says:

    don’t have to. Harmonies can be any interval between any notes, typically it is a 3rd or 6th. but you can have any melody and match any notes to it and technically that’s harmony, but it may not be harmonious, lol.
    So, typically stick to diatonic 3rd or 6th to start with.
    i.e. melody line in ionian then harmony in phrygian(3rd) or aeolian(6th), melody line in lydian then harmony in aeolian(3rd) or dorian(6th), etc.

    hope this helps

  22. iTzNoxy says:

    Do you always work from the relative major when writing harmonies for minor keys?

  23. Scariestkiller says:

    Harmonies make everything interesting, you gotta admit

  24. dkblanke says:

    I am glad it helped, It’s a small start in the world of music but it’s something.

    keep jammin’

  25. lexcorona85 says:

    Thanks. I learned what you show here and thank you for taking the time to post your knowledge.

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