Cover : “Put Your Records On” Corinne Bailey Rae

Posted by Guitar Pro on 10th January 2012 in Guitar Playing Tips

Buy my new full length album, “Grow” at: My Cover of: “Put Your Records On” by Corinne Bailey Rae Please don’t mind my awkward guitar playing skills. Played by ear so the guitar part isn’t exactly right. And my brother was playing transformers in the background, so if you hear some odd noises… its the TV :) Hope you like it!

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25 Responses to “Cover : “Put Your Records On” Corinne Bailey Rae”

  1. swjkja says:

    So much tonal quality to your voice, you should be selling records :O

  2. livelovelaughsing8D says:


  3. SeagullSongs says:

    @California0aura Yes they do

  4. Raphaeldtna says:

    I don’t usually comment on youtube videos, but you touched my soul with this angel’s voice!

  5. babbyyxcakeees says:

    your amazing <3333333

  6. 420sug says:

    you should sing drop in the ocean by ron pope
    it would sound good with your voice

  7. EvanMichelle23 says:

    this is an amazing cover! it would mean so much to me if you could check out my cover of this song and maybe subscribe :) thanks so much!

  8. California0aura says:

    @SeagullSongs cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy usually exhibit baldness.

  9. babbyyxcakeees says:

    your amazing<3

  10. SageAlexa says:

    @SeagullSongs 3 more have lost their hair.. ;) 

  11. snugles7 says:

    26 people  are retarded

  12. ellenlundgren says:

    This is what you’re born to do

  13. HumanGuineaPig100 says:

    Tutorial pleaseee (:

  14. MsMaconBacon says:


  15. youyoutsmiles says:

    Sweet voice. Very good harmonies. Makes me chill and relax. Ur great

  16. sixntwo says:

    Girl you got amazing sonority…
    Bet we’ll see you on some TV channels soon

    (Just registered for this comment ;-)

  17. liljayjaynumba1 says:

    omg you have such an amazing voice …inspire mee moree :D

  18. lightTHATbob says:

    Oh yea and good job!

  19. lightTHATbob says:

    Is that a dog I hear in the background

  20. teasexxxjasmine says:

    Not only can you sing, but you can play multiple instruments, and don’t need editing on your voice. This is REAL music. This is what should be played, to appreciate the real beauty of music, and to appreciate real musicians. <3 respect, girl.

  21. ThePuddinPop88 says:

    Girl you are inspirational. :)

  22. TomNParo says:

    26 people ((excuse my writting)) FkN stup*d..

  23. rainlovelyful says:

    What are the chords?

  24. angelsgirl515 says:

    You know what?! Even if you made a CD of just covers you are so much better than the actual people who sing them I’d freakin buy it!

  25. TheSydroxmysox2 says:

    hey, people and mree, just to let you know, the only reason why people dislike this video is because they are jealous so i kinda dislike this video! but i will still watch it like and i still LOVE LOVE your voice!

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