Learn 2 solo lead blues rock guitar major pentatonic scales

Posted by Guitar Pro on 14th January 2012 in Blues Guitar Tips

www.nextlevelguitar.com Click theabove link to check out our 4 DVD set “Beginner Blues Rock Soloing” – it has over 8 hours of video lessons, jam tracks, and a coinciding written lesson booklet. www.nextlevelguitar.com Click link to get a killer brand new Blues lesson not on YouTube and a Blues scales and lead guitar Ebook, all for free from NextLevelGuitar.com This lesson is a small part of a much longer lesson in the above 4 dvd set where we teach you how to use the major pentatonic scale in blues rock guitar playing – this is the 1st of two parts in this series. Many more lessons on the full on video instructional website at: www.nextlevelguitar.com

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23 Responses to “Learn 2 solo lead blues rock guitar major pentatonic scales”

  1. drumaddict30 says:

    Very good lesson!

  2. cienube says:

    heyy. wher i can see the tab

  3. YoungGuitarUpstart says:

    A minor Pent = C major Pent. Right On !! ;)

  4. XxRYANxX12341 says:

    marty how do you get that awesome blues sound?

  5. franktib says:

    @mightyzorro A chord tone is the 1st 3rd and 5th interval of the scale if its a triad or 1 3 5 7 for a seventh. So if the song is in G & the progression is say G to C to D u would start on a 1,3,5 or 7 related to the chord of the measure. In pentatonic minor ud be thinking of starting on a G(1) Bb(3) D(5) or F(5) over the G. Over the C ud want a C(1) E(3) G(5) or Bb(7).

  6. franktib says:


    U get the idea? now the pentatonic is nice cuz most of the notes work but the forth doesnt so much so if you land hard on a G wen the d chord shows up u will sound off. Think on that and get back to me.

  7. mightyzorro says:

    @franktib what do you mean by “chord tone”?

  8. franktib says:

    @mightyzorro best to start on a chord tone. ie: 1,3,5 or 7

  9. littlelizum42 says:

    whats the song or scale that’s playing in the background? thanks….

  10. mightyzorro says:

    i have a soloing question for you… lets say the song is in G, and your gona start your solo, using the minor pentatonic scale.. do you HAVE TO start on a “G” note? or can it be started on any note that falls on the G minor pentatonic scale?


    @Book5550 I don’t think so because flatwound’s have more of a bass sound.

  12. babolatXD says:

    do you have any more vids on how to solo and or scales to thanks and good vids

  13. Book5550 says:

    Is he using flatwounds?

  14. fsxpilot123456 says:

    dude make a band and make this music popular again

  15. 0148fredie says:

    thanks bro ,any chance of a peter green (need your love so bad )demo.
    no worrys if not.
    keep on keeping on.

  16. GregoryJohnsonJr says:

    i love this guy

  17. RexPearson1 says:

    Pretty Cool lesson here, Covers the topic quite well. Ive just made a bunch of detailed courses for beginners and advanced guitarists that you might be interested in. Check it out! would love to know what you and anyone watching this video thinks. Its totally free, and i mean TOTALLY

    RexPearson. com

  18. DWH1T93 says:

    love the face at 2:15-2:20…classic marty schwartz.

  19. SoRock321 says:

    This guy knows how to play some guitar–you should release a CD. The pentatonic scale is a must know to play lead. Check out Curtis Mitchell’s “Play’n Rock’n Roll” sideshow. It has a 2 minute guitar solo. The chords are major chords, E, B back and forth, then E, A, D, C. I am from Dallas and used to watch Curtis Mitchell and he is actually a blues guitar player.

  20. hermanhenry78 says:

    owh i didnt know that..thanks marty..!

  21. menadzer77 says:

    i was guitaroholic….now i’m guitaroholic who knows something to play…thanks to you man….thank you for all videos…greetings from Belgrade,Serbia…

  22. Hunter82x says:

    great lesson, thank you!!!

  23. Benjamintolong says:

    the easiest way to remember your major pentatonic is by remembering that its always the sixth degree of the key or scale you are playing in…So the key of E for example, the major would be C# pentatonic

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