Justin Bieber – “Baby” Guitar Tutorial (Beginner)

Posted by Guitar Pro on 28th January 2012 in Guitar Strumming

Beginner level guitar tutorial for Justin Bieber’s “Baby” Chords: D,Bm,G,A (in that sequence, on rotation from start to finish, ending on a final D) Strumming Pattern: D,D,D,D,U,U,D,D,D,U played fast and TWICE through for each chord Chord Chart (if needed): www.ultimate-guitar.com

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24 Responses to “Justin Bieber – “Baby” Guitar Tutorial (Beginner)”

  1. MrConnerdom says:

    haha in america austrailian and british accents are sexy and our accents are boring

  2. 123MsJamee says:

    My arm gets so tired from this song haha

  3. esthertan8 says:

    @allewis86 how do i do the strumming pattern? i’m only a beginner lyk REAL beginner :O … I dun get the tempo, help?

  4. esthertan8 says:

    @MelletjeDuhh me neither :(

  5. MelletjeDuhh says:

    I don’t get the damn strumming Pattern ):

  6. lasttimekid says:

    hey guys please check my channel and subscribe

  7. stephaniedenise24 says:

    It’s so hard, :'(

  8. allewis86 says:

    @NegiAbhay98 haha it’s an Australian accent, but i’m glad you think it sounds cool either way! ;-)

  9. NegiAbhay98 says:

    LOL in america the british accent makes everything cooler

  10. Nbaplayer32 says:

    im in love with you and your teaching :D
    if only you can teach me guitar personally :)

  11. xoSaula2k11xo says:

    hi ms. awesome! what kind of guitar do u hve? :D

  12. ClubPenguinFREAK00 says:

    @Gallopillous Yeah. :D

  13. Gallopillous says:

    @ClubPenguinFREAK00 ikr (:

  14. gudgalful says:

    you’re good. better than those ppl who complain u talk toomuch anyway. bet they cant even play this. kepp up the good work!

  15. challyna03 says:

    @angelo77ful You moron! If you want a video and just the plain guitar cover of the song, then find one! Stop commentingshits here against this video. It’s a tutorial in the first place. This girl is sure is AWESOME. Just shut the fvck up. -.- You’re annoying.

  16. vjlord says:

    the strumming pattern tutorial.. ?

  17. JustinBieberLove2652 says:

    hey can you make this in slow motion because the strumming on this is kind of confusing! haha thanks!

  18. Lucylovesmusic25 says:


  19. JustinBieberLove2652 says:

    you are so pretty and funny i lovve this song! i am a beginner guitarist! thanks so much keep up the good work! :) <3

  20. MaurixNT says:

    se me parooo ajjajajjajajaja!

  21. ClubPenguinFREAK00 says:

    I Love Your Accent!

  22. RIIIIIIITAA says:

    @allewis86 yeah i know, but u talk to much! by the way, it’s an awesome tutorial ! (:

  23. allewis86 says:

    @RIIIIIIITAA You do realise it’s a tutorial and not cover, right?

  24. RIIIIIIITAA says:

    stop talkin to much!

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