Want a good beginner acoustic guitar is the Silvertone SD3000 a good choice?

Posted by Guitar Pro on 31st January 2012 in Beginners

It is about 95.00 at Walmart. I dont have any experience playing but i would like to try it out and see if i like it. I really dont want to spend too much money just in case i dont end up liking it. Any suggestions would be gret. Thank you!!

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3 Responses to “Want a good beginner acoustic guitar is the Silvertone SD3000 a good choice?”

  1. Y2J . says:

    I don’t think you should buy a guitar in Walmart, go to guitar center and the people there will probably help you

  2. 1 Finger Willy says:

    Silvertone actually has a long history, dating back to the late 40s from the Danelectro company that made guitars for Sears and Roebuck, Montgomery Wards and anyone else that would pay them to put a name on a guitar, now they have Walmart, Target, Kmart , Toys R Us, and so on. so what do you think? actually some of the old Danelectros are quite collectible but even back then not very playable for a musician, more of a novelty than a musical instrument.

  3. Mikey, just Mikey says:

    Buy a guitar at a guitar store and nowhere else. Not from a big box store like Walmart and not from the internet. Go to a music store, spend more, and get something that won’t hold you back.

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