tutorial: “butterfly fly away” by miley cyrus guitar tab

Posted by Guitar Pro on 7th February 2012 in Guitar Chords

hey guys! =] here’s my guitar tutorial for miley cyrus’ song “butterfly fly away!” i hope you like it! =D i think the video explains pretty much everything… but if i missed something, just leave a comment and let me know so i can put it here in the description! and thanks so much for watching!! ^^

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23 Responses to “tutorial: “butterfly fly away” by miley cyrus guitar tab”

  1. galloppinggorilla says:

    hey can you show us how to do the last part you did in this video? the one that goes on the 12th fret etc.

  2. AimeeandHayleyShow says:

    You’re absolutely beautiful and this tutorial is wonderful! Thank you so much! I LOVE this song, and I love you! :D <3 <3 <3

  3. icecream17772 says:

    U should tell where ur fingers r suppost to go!! To fast but thanks

  4. bumbinja2222 says:


    you are the best teacher ;D
    that was realy good ;)

  5. Eleiquiere says:

    best tutorial EVER < 33 thanks you soo much < 33

  6. nicnaxx97 says:

    can you play it without the capo?

  7. lillsnuttilutt says:

    Thank you! this helped me a lot :D

  8. SantLakeChannel says:


    U r the best!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I think Im your fan.

    Gracias q eres la mejor lol

  9. jjosseffa says:

    Thank u! Like Like Like Like Like *-*

  10. LFORLALA says:

    I really don’t know how to play that before.
    But your video are helping me soooooooooooo much!!!

  11. nassi2012 says:

    thanks !! xo this hellpd me alot keep posting vidds love from belguim <3

  12. Katy2000A says:

    Thankyou so much for telling me how to play this song! Best tutorial EVER! Check out how I played it, the way you taught me! =D xx <3

  13. TheGirlCalledTina says:

    this one really helped me, thank you so much. :)
    loved it ♥
    keep it up. ;)

  14. DarkRuby87979 says:


  15. palomitamarin says:

    Exelent! thanks yooouuu, 

  16. destinydung0903 says:

    thank u so much !!!
    It’s just sooooo awesome :)
    love it <3

  17. faizah68 says:

    awesome thankssss…………

  18. Amity0095 says:


  19. rabbitrogerrr says:


  20. TheFoxglove13 says:

    AWESOME TUTORIAL!!!!! this is the only song i’ve been able to play on my guitar!xD thankyou so much! <33 :)

  21. gee6980 says:

    OMG ! your beauiful !!

  22. duychay6892 says:

    Can u marry me . lol

  23. LouisvilleStringTrio says:

    I was jsut wondering, how do you pluck the “g”? Other than that great tutorial!!! (:

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