James Hetfield – Solo’s of James Hetfield

Posted by Guitar Pro on 10th February 2012 in Guitar Playing Tips

James Hetfield is more then just a rythm guitar player, I was looking for a compilation movie of James soloing and didn’t find one directly so I made one by my own. I think many people search for a movie with only james hetfield playing solos. If you find other movies where james is soloing , let me know. Enjoy. songs: Creeping death(rehearsel) Suicide and redemption Day that never comes Suicide and redemption (midpart) Blackened (rehearsel) Fight fire with fire Ecstacy of gold Master Of puppets Nothing else matters That was just your life Fade to black (rehearsel) blooper : Suicide and redemption.

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24 Responses to “James Hetfield – Solo’s of James Hetfield”

  1. freshnAyt says:

    @Metayounis Tenth Fade To Black Jam

  2. villadavid4ever says:

    @VicenteNewsted Well that’s the way Metallica is. Metallica is about Hetfield as much as Megadeth is about Mustaine, the only difference being that Dave was a big asshole sometimes and kicked out people too easily

  3. salihadjic says:

    James knows how to use WAH properly

  4. VicenteNewsted says:

    @Metayounis 4:47 Fade To Black Jam (with Rob)

  5. VicenteNewsted says:

    James sing, play the guitar, drums, and bass…. Metallica must be called “James Hetfield & friends”

  6. xSPIKExMETALHEADx says:

    james hammett, kirk hetfield, lars trujillo and rob ulrich. XDDD

  7. opceen1912 says:

    5:29 eet fuk is back!!

  8. bungholio4321 says:

    @Metayounis tenth fade to black (bass riff in backround)

  9. michelokopow says:

    qual o nome da musica que ele faiz solo em 2:25

  10. Daguilarfu666 says:

    @Metayounis tenth: it’s a improvisation in fade to black

  11. donbehatin says:

    @2112bigmack Because being the sloppiest player in the history of guitar = best. Makes perfect sense.

  12. 2112bigmack says:

    Just because faster isn’t always better doesn’t mean slower is. Hammet wins. Both guitarist have progressed over the years, especially Hetfield, but Hammet will always be the better lead player.

  13. juan14195 says:

    @Metayounis James was just improvisin new solo of fade to black

  14. Ferniekicksbutt13 says:

    james should grow his heart out and handle bar mustache again hes not that old yet

  15. Wolf9gang says:

    @Metayounis You missed out ‘Fight Fire With Fire’, 2:15 – 2:26.

  16. Jonscomin2 says:

    @joeylodes Who’s Hammet?

  17. kaiserwilhelm says:

    Perhaps james has more control over the guitar from playing rhythm so much.

  18. treehousewizkid says:

    @Decrypted33 At this point in the band’s career, Hammett is just a good stage presence who can competently add depth to Jame’s playing live. He hasn’t evolved as a player at all over the years, while Hetfield has only been getting better and better as a lead guitarist (and already was great at rhythm).

  19. MegadethMagnetc says:

    @Metayounis You’re getting a thumbs up for that :D, Thanks!.

  20. Metayounis says:

    @MegadethMagnetc First: Creeping death 0:00 – 0:47
    Second: Suicide and redemption 0:47 – 1:13
    Third: the day that never comes 1:13 – 1:27
    Forth: Suicide and redemption 1:27 – 1:53
    Fifth: Blackened 1:54 – 2:26
    Sixth song: Ecstasy of gold 2:26 – 3:51
    Seventh song: Master of puppets 3:51 – 4:06
    Eighth: Nothing else matters 4:06 – 4:28
    Ninth: That was just your life 4:28 – 4:47
    Tenth: ??? I think James was just improvising.4:48 – 5:24
    Last song: Suicide and redemption 5:28

  21. aksdtiko says:

    And you forget the whiskey in a jar ! One of the best

  22. Decrypted33 says:

    His vibrato is much better than kirks and that in my opinion makes him a better player

  23. xadrezistashow says:

    lol its not better than kirk stop saying that, but its still fuckin epic

  24. ciaranw520 says:

    Needs more cowbell.

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