Electric Acoustic guitar lesson on metronome exercises

Posted by Guitar Pro on 23rd February 2012 in Guitar Strumming

www.nextlevelguitar.com Click link to get 5 free Guitar Lesson videos NOT available on YouTube plus a BONUS CHORD and exercises Ebook, all for free from NextLevelGuitar.com In this lesson you will learn about metronome use and exercises to help your rhythm and timing. More lessons at our full on site at nextlevelguitar.com

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25 Responses to “Electric Acoustic guitar lesson on metronome exercises”

  1. fr44ed says:

    Throw a half note in too

  2. kkalli76 says:

    u’re probably the only one on youtube who actually helped me with these kinds of vids…thank u veeery much :)

  3. zu3tu7 says:

    hi there,
    very cool lesson!
    i still have problems working the 16s,even at 50 bpm! my brain cant handle that…
    do you have tipps to jump ovet this kind of limit???

  4. MontgomerylandFunk says:

    I teach, and I want this guys videos to learn how to get better at teaching.
    Good lessons

  5. stoneybaksum says:

    martin guitars rule

  6. wavecrusher007 says:

    Great lesson! I love your easy going style.

    thanks Dave.

  7. adderas says:

    You, my friend, are one cool cat.

  8. iamyourimagination says:

    this is really cool AND educative! everyone learns!!!!!!!!!

  9. Vic3D says:

    dave ur lessons are so clear and easy to understand man! love it.

  10. Detman101 says:

    Awesome lesson, I was always confused on BPM and notes per min till now.


  11. joshuagarlow says:

    You can download an mp3 metronome on iTunes.

    SIMPLE CLICK TRACKS work great


  12. rockongoodpeople says:

    YOu can get a metronome for under $20 or download one free online – the guitar I used in this lesson is a Martin
    roc kon!

  13. o0LedZeppelin0o says:

    Awsome Work Once again man loving the vids keep them comming …

  14. woodman151 says:

    excellent..looking forward to the next lesson !

  15. Slayer0563 says:

    yes, this is the most important lesson…you had to have it up earlier right along with the basic chords…and also the later you start using the metronome the harder and more complicated it is to focus your mind on the beat and playing but it is a most cruxial tool, i have a free metronome software i downloaded from some site ages ago and it has lots of diferent sounds making it more like a drum machine its great…

  16. novrain123 says:

    One of the best one’s yet ! Good lesson Dave !


  17. aung0040 says:

    U teach very well and very cheering up for the learners.. :) u make difficult things to be funny and make us feel easy…

  18. erinandcompany says:

    When I was new to the ppl I played with, and new to my new keyboard, I asked the sax player, who also teaches music, “What’s this thing on here that looks like a metronome?” She said, graciously, “It’s a metronome.” I felt so dumb, but it was something that broke the ice & we could all laugh about it. Aren’t those band-bonding moments priceless?

  19. jkickass says:

    can you guys do a lesson on time signatures please?

  20. awash2002 says:

    I got 3 on my computer I use tempo perfect metronome

  21. rebelgamer94 says:

    its warped. go to an guitar lutheir to adjust ur truss rod or u adjust ur truss rod

  22. bboris92 says:

    take it to get repaired

  23. Judoking96 says:

    hey man,
    look up vids on how to adjust the truss rod. That’ll help you out

  24. rkorenek says:

    Nothing swings like a metronome.

  25. UrbanFreeStylez says:

    Greatt tutoriall
    How much of those things cost?
    And one more question
    What kind of guitar is it? Looks like burnwash..

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