Easy 2 Note Guitar Solo in the Key of A

Posted by Guitar Pro on 29th March 2012 in Blues Guitar Tips

The jam track for this lesson is available for download at www.activemelody.com – In this lesson I’ll show you a popular crossroads where the major and minor pentatonic scales meet. This “sweet spot” on the neck is where a lot of guitar solos come from. In addition I’ll demonstrate how you can play an entire solo using just 2 frets on the neck.

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24 Responses to “Easy 2 Note Guitar Solo in the Key of A”

  1. desertmde says:

    WOW!! Just WOW!

  2. nexacu93 says:


  3. Popspicker says:

    Brilliant mate .. A big Thank you for that

  4. themaker03 says:

    That was really cool! I feel like I need to learn scales, but am still a little foggy as to how to apply them. I know the minor pentatonic scale, but wasn’t really sure what to do with it haha. This really helped clarify a lot. Great lesson, thanks!

  5. JWDalsager says:

    Which SG is that? Peculiar neck :)

  6. markinsacramento says:

    Do you have a video on how to move this up and down the neck in the correct key? I know enough to know that certain keys work together. So would I go with the 1-4-5 (for blues) on any given key? For example I could play this 2 not 2 string in A and also in D and E up the neck and it would be correct? It’s not that there is so much that can be done with this already but as I learn and think about guitar questions do come up.

  7. activemelody says:

    That’s right – just follow the same pattern, but obviously re-adjust where it is on the neck.. but yes, this will work for any key that you’re in. So this example was in the key of A, but if you wanted to do the same thing in the key of G, you would just move everything down 2 frets. :)

  8. markinsacramento says:

    I have been working on learning licks for a while and most of the stuff goes over my head. This however is exactly what I needed to get the ball rolling. I can play a lick for a while using this system and just have the jam track going in my head. I am excited to see what this brings my way over the course of the next few weeks. I play at a few jams and want to play some licks when I sing and can see how these will help me out doing that. And I think this will work for any key am I right?

  9. drla02 says:

    Excellently explained. I’ve been trying to learn the phrasing on a guitar & have yet to see a vid that simplified it as you have done! I have learned the caged system & can see the forms that u use for the licks. Is the jam track in A or Am? Or does it even matter when u phrase using 2 diff forms in 1 key? Thanks & again, great videos! Peace.

  10. jstlookn48 says:

    This is exactly what my son and I are looking for…elementary, and the tab to go along with it of course. Thanks.

  11. nmssis says:

    well, my older one tried to play about 2 years ago but lost interest then earlier last year got hooked on “guitar hero” and that’s all he needed. Then his little sister joined in about 2 months ago.

    Hey, thanks again, we’re having a blast!

  12. activemelody says:

    cool! Glad to hear that it’s helpful – I’m glad to hear that your son is practicing his guitar with purpose – now if only I could get one of my boys interested in the guitar :)

  13. nmssis says:

    btw, this clip and the “three note” clip gave my 9year old son the impression that i’m a seasoned player. Now he does his guitar practice with purpose.

  14. nmssis says:

    genius! the true genius is in your organization and simplicity… Thank You!

  15. geetarnut says:

    what I tell my students is, “every song ever written”, is sitting right there on your guitar neck! They often get a look of astonishment on their faces when I say that! I go on to say, now,, find one for me! I take the approach of, start at the end, rather than the beginning, when it comes to music! It’s a proven method. The reason it works well is, because music is not notes on a paper! No sheet of paper ever made a sound, but, focus on the “music”, and you keep students hungry,, and happier!

  16. geetarnut says:

    If we teach students “scales”, without showing the importance of harmony & melody, they very often tend to become robotic fragmented players! Always sounding regimented, sterile void of emotion! What I do is play a scale, such as a C-maj scale, but I “melodize” it for the student. I first play a scale “evenly timed”, then I make music out of the same scale. That puts in his mind the musical, melodic use of the scale immediately, rather than the student learn “lone notes”! It works well!

  17. geetarnut says:

    These videos are very insightful & explanatory! But, I’ve seen after years of working hard on players like, Larry Carlton, for instance. Sadly, we all learn scales, all of them! What happens to many players is, they unknowingly “segregate” the scales, from the entire neck, as a whole, and then can’t “reconnect” the fingerboard as a whole! Many players “box” themselves in a corner! I’ll explain in another comment!

  18. MyBuster14 says:

    Thanks for the lesson..

  19. tico7464 says:

    thats more than 2 notes. just cuz u bent the string to get another 1, doesnt mean its not a note xD. fun lesson tho

  20. Jimaagh says:

    Saa weet

  21. MrTerrorTurtle says:


  22. psychicmetaphor says:

    You have given me an entirely new approach to my solos!!!! Thanks a ton!!!

  23. onesandzeros011 says:


  24. 7752 says:

    3 notes

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