Beginner 5-String Bass Video

Posted by Guitar Pro on 9th April 2012 in Guitar Chords – Beginning 5-String Bass is a series of specialized videos made for bass players starting on the 5. These videos are available for download through

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25 Responses to “Beginner 5-String Bass Video”

  1. BassLessonsOnline says:

    Excellent – thanks for your kind comment.

  2. Giselle1544 says:

    finalllllyy a good 5 string bass series! Thank you!

  3. andjames22 says:

    You did not end with your sig” George :p

  4. LovableJalyn says:

    Not really a good teacher for beginners.

  5. Triviumtiger says:

    Well it all depends on what type of music or what sound you want. Usually low B string is useful for metal or rock music athough it can be used for jazz, funk, blues etc. So starting with 4 string is normal, 5 string is good as well cos you still have the same 4 strings on a 4 sting bass, then once you get use to them you can automatically move to 5 string without having to spend mey on both 4 & 5.

  6. LarryLane07 says:

    That low b string really kicks butt. I don’t know why anyone would want to play a bass without it. I don’t play, but I want to, and i gotta have that low b string because I wanna get down there and rattle the windows and shake the ground like an earthquake.

  7. TheSuperSmokey says:

    This guy really pisses me off -_-

  8. TheFinkage says:

    dear god, some serious bass playing right here, i had to turn the bass all the way up on my sound system so my speakers wont try to take it all and blow themselves up when this guy started playing

  9. BassLessonsOnline says:

    Thanks – this is a Belman Classic 5, made in Australia.

  10. SuperNotNoob says:

    What bass is that? Beautiful sound!!!

  11. rockshow256 says:

    5, more options.

  12. BassLessonsOnline says:

    Hello and thanks for your questions.
    Many of my face-to-face students (plus a few of my online students) have made this conversion.
    All you need is a single B string to add to the E, A and D you already have. You will have to adjust your action, intonation, and truss rod. You may have to file the slots in your bridge tailpiece and nut to accommodate for the thicker strings.
    If everything is done well, it will not ruin your bass.
    If you have a bass with a very thin and flexible neck – think again

  13. TheBlueBandYTAccount says:

    Hello George, I have a small question.

    I’m into playing reggae and I want to go lower on my bass. But frankly, I haven’t got the money to buy a five string bass. So this was an idea of mine: I buy a five-string set and put it on my four-string bass, resulting in a B-E-A-D tuning. I never use the G so I suppose I can miss it.

    Do you know if this is possible or will it ruin my bass?

    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  14. BassLessonsOnline says:

    You can use any tuning you like on a 4-string. Just make sure you make necessary adjustments such as intonation, truss rod etc.

  15. UCAapocalypse says:

    Hi George, when playing with the five string could you still use the newest string to use as the top string on 4 string bass songs or should you still use the 2nd string?

  16. Oyeczka says:

    better is 4-string bass or 5-string guitar? Sorry for my english but i’m pole :/

  17. splintercell186 says:

    yeah man i agree with you, i played 4 string for 9 years, and i just got a 5 today, and wow i need to relearn how to play,but i love learing bass, its so fun for me,and i love playing

  18. BassLessonsOnline says:

    Yes, if you like the 5 and listen to music that often uses a 5-string bass, I certainly encourage you to start on a 5. That way, you will not have to re-learn.
    Bass of Luck!

  19. ankoz500 says:

    could i use a five string if im a beginer

  20. BassLessonsOnline says:

    Yes, focused and diligent practice should do it. If you have no results in a week or two, post a video for me to take a look.
    Bass of Luck, Thomas!

  21. Basstard22 says:

    Ah, just like that :-)
    I’ll give it go since my technique isn’t as good as i want it. But keeping on practising would deal with that.


  22. BassLessonsOnline says:

    Essentially, you should curl your fingers so that tendons don’t get strained. However, use the underside of your fingers for muting when required.

  23. Basstard22 says:

    Hello George,

    Nice video for playing the 5 string bassguitar. I’ve got a small question about the left hand technique : Should i curl my fingers, so that they won’t hit the other strings, or do i have to let my fingers rest on the other strings while playing?

  24. BassLessonsOnline says:

    Hello Sarina
    Congratulations on your 5-string bass – enjoy the newness and the new challenges and results you will get!

  25. drigerlily says:

    Just got a 5 string today! And this video was very helpful =]

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