American Pie Guitar Lesson

Posted by Guitar Pro on 18th June 2012 in Guitar Strumming

Learn a popular chord progression and an easy strum pattern similiar to the chorus of Don McLean’s American Pie. This lesson is part of a complete guitar method found at:

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25 Responses to “American Pie Guitar Lesson”

  1. noobfruitguys says:

    All I wanted to learn was the saga begins by weird al

  2. mzrox1986 says:

    Thanks!!!!!! it was easy to do …im having fun xD

  3. mzrox1986 says:

    Thanks !

  4. wreckdiver001 says:

    Very well done, I can do it OK.

  5. carot2003 says:

    Great video. Cheers..

  6. mylillambs says:

    your a great teacher thanks

  7. WCLFJN says:

    Awesome m8! ty

  8. araceliromanXD says:

    Request if u can- (its tough, i know) Freebird? Just the intro. Thanks :)

  9. araceliromanXD says:

    it took me a while to get the strumming, BUT THANKS! you finally were the one that could explain it to me…AWESOME! :)

  10. KylesSocietyofMisfit says:

    @ZacharyHere Maybe Vadder some day later, now he’s just a small fry…

  11. LeComfortEagle says:

    finally someone who gets right to the point… thank you sir!

  12. taintofshadow says:

    one of the funnest things you can do with a guitar is to play with how the sounds change with capos. So yes, I’d personally encourage it as it’s great to simply experiment with capos…period.

  13. MegaBirney says:

    Sounds it also good if I played it with a kapo on the 3rd fret? Or is it inadvisable?
    greeting björn

  14. hodgeybaby says:

    @multiTlewis TWAT!!!! cool vid mate!!

  15. MusicManBurk says:

    try justinguitar, great teacher :D
    nice vid btw dude ;)

  16. lalucyful says:

    you are by far the best guitar teacher i have yet to encounter on youtube!! your teaching was clear and succinct, and you didn’t spend 5 minutes elaborating on your life and why you’re a master at guitar.
    great job , keep it up please :]

  17. ZacharyHere says:

    My my this here anikin guy….

  18. davmor63 says:

    chorus only. the chords used throughout will vary depending your source,however the chords are typically C,D,Em7,Em,Am and G. the chorus is C,D and G

  19. MikeMikeo says:

    This is one of the songs I’ve always wanted to play. Nice and simple, thanks.

  20. MikeMikeo says:

    Just got a guitar for Christmas and this is the song I’ve always wanted to learn.

  21. Jakeman8091 says:


  22. komentator says:

    This chords are good only for the chorus part? or does this pattern reapets during whole song?

  23. ailette0291 says:

    You are a great teacher ! Thx so much for sharing ! (I hadn’t touched a guitar for 30 years….I’m left handed and I learned : do ré mi fa sol la si do LOL).

  24. JABTV2008 says:

    Great stuff, thanks very much.

  25. JABTV2008 says:

    Great lessons, mate, thanks.

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