Diablo Tristram Village Theme Acoustic Guitar

Posted by Guitar Pro on 18th June 2012 in Guitar Tuning

Diablo 3 is coming soon! Here’s a classic masterpiece that made Diablo so popular! Acoustic guitar with some reverb, delay. Rate, Comment & most importantly SUBSCRIBE!! I’m working on a Video Games serie that you will not find on YouTUBE!

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24 Responses to “Diablo Tristram Village Theme Acoustic Guitar”

  1. jkshoemdroid says:

    Tab please i love it

  2. weasel4915 says:

    Well, you’re not supposed to be picking it, but this is a pretty good version anyway.

  3. danvineofficial says:

    It’s a Seagull La Grand

  4. namenloserohnename says:

    cool guitar dude!

  5. Ha1z says:


  6. 666iceflame says:

    Great cover dude thanks so much! BTW awesome clean playing & acoustic sound of that effect and guitar!!! take care

  7. phildoughty says:

    Nice playing bro.
    I think every Seagull guitar I’ve ever played has been great

  8. MrFrankyGification says:

    Dude is there any sheet music for this or tabs (I prefer sheet but you know now a days)

  9. danvineofficial says:

    I”m ************ excited!!! In downtown Toronto, Best Buy is opening at midnight (in 3hours) I wanted to go, but I’m working tomorrow :(

  10. marcoroman123 says:

    diablo 3 is coming! tomorrow the hell wont be same as it used to be

  11. scary123cro says:

    Sounds good like the origin.

  12. RenosmashDozer says:

    Faved and subbed…. you fucking beast.

  13. sintinerus says:

    Hey Dan. Is there any way you can post the tabs for 0:45-0:50? I stopped playing guitar for about a year, and listening to this inspired me to pick it back up again, to try to learn this interpretation of Tristram.

  14. Ponchoman098 says:

    god dam, that looks painful with a pick!

  15. danvineofficial says:

    How this comment ended up as spam!

  16. m0rpheling says:

    Hearing this music always gives me shiver of pleasure :-)

  17. danvineofficial says:


  18. SciPhi161 says:

    Good interpretation

  19. jorgekraio says:

    You are the best man.. amazing..! =)

  20. jeanwana says:

    the guys at blizzard like busting our balls :D

  21. spoufy1 says:

    Does this song have tabs? I cannot read music and would love to learn it.

  22. danvineofficial says:

    Hi my friend! Yes it is standard tuning, however, I never tune my guitar with a tuner. I always tuning by ear. I especially love “out-of-tune” guitars!

  23. JayBee164 says:

    is that a standart tuning…? that high E, 6th string sounds different on my guitar… :)

  24. Hobiz420 says:

    great fucking job man amazing godly grand magical DIABLO 3 CAN NOT FUCKING WAIT

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