toe guitar

Posted by Guitar Pro on 18th June 2012 in Guitar Playing Tips

A guy at a german TV-Show, playing guitar with his toes because he has no hands. Impressing and amazing.

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24 Responses to “toe guitar”

  1. connormac93 says:

    This guy is amazing!!!! I play guitar quite a bit myself, and I can’t get how he can play with his toes. I find it fasinating that he can play with his toes.

  2. FanHansZimmer says:

    This is a man!!!

  3. Testifiy says:

    Now I wanna see “Back to the Future”!!
    He’s awesome!!!

  4. Demq001 says:


  5. ShiiniigamiiX says:

    ok thx ;)

  6. Indiapaintbrush says:

    Es heisst Johnny B. Good von Chuck Berry.

  7. jrohrback says:

    This dude is AWESOME!!!

  8. ShiiniigamiiX says:

    wie heißt das lied?

  9. Adweteeya says:

    14 people who disliked it should die!!

  10. nighthawk695476 says:

    if hould only have 2 of theese thumbs-up….seriously great dude,respect

  11. etleach says:

    i no, but i dunno what “nooot” means, i’m a little not english-speaking

  12. DivineMagg says:

    it is not fake, dude

  13. etleach says:

    what does it mean?

  14. DivineMagg says:


  15. MightyMighter says:

    He deserves at hands for 1000%

  16. OnionLetsPlay says:

    Especially the germans…it’s not something to be proud of…

  17. steve95301 says:

    Amazing !!

  18. steve95301 says:

    Amazing !!!!

  19. manox1337 says:

    ur generation is fake like you

  20. TwistedRising says:

    Jealous much? Just cause you can’t doesn’t mean you need to hate how awesome he is!!!

  21. Patrick50857 says:

    does this mean hes left footed?

  22. christielesley says:


  23. etleach says:


  24. TheGuitarGenie says:

    i bet that guitar smells funny after a concert, lol

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