Guitar Lesson – Free Falling by Tom Petty – How to Play Free Fallin Guitar Tutorial

Posted by Guitar Pro on 19th June 2012 in Guitar Strumming – Lesson on how to play Free Falling by Tom Petty on guitar. Go to http to join the Full Distortion Players’ Club and get your free guitar chord ebook. Copyrights to any songs mentioned or used are the property of the artist and its promoters, producers and/or affiliates and is used here for informational and educational purposes only as outlined in the Fair Use provision of Title 17 of the United States Code as amended by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. No copyright infringement intended.

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10 Responses to “Guitar Lesson – Free Falling by Tom Petty – How to Play Free Fallin Guitar Tutorial”

  1. hotrod466 says:

    Strum patter?!?!? :D

  2. Floorpigen says:

    whats the strumming pattern?!

  3. madbenjy98 says:

    Good help thanks :)

  4. ninjacupcakes24 says:

    The hardest part about playing guitar for me is strumming. So I just do D D D D D through all the chords xD

  5. HenryBadenhorstJuer says:

    You can play any song without a capo, just its not the right key.
    If you need one make one! get a pencil and a small rubber band(:

  6. sixxalone95 says:

    FRIGG’IN CAPO.!!!!!! but i think i’ll try the pencil n rubber bands haha

  7. R2081 says:

    Really nice and i like it to play, thnx

  8. misteryarcticmonkey says:

    very cool man thanks ;)

  9. biebersxbaby says:

    you can make your own capo, using a pencil and elastic bands:} it really works, aha im using it until i get a capo..

  10. MeaghanThew says:

    can you play this without the capo?

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