James Taylor – Steamroller 1979

Posted by Guitar Pro on 19th June 2012 in Blues Guitar Tips

James Taylor – Vocals, Guitar / Waddy Wachtel – Guitar / Don Grolnick – Keyboards / Danny Kortchmar – Guitar / Russ Kunkel – Drums / David Lasley – Background Vocals / Arnold McCuller – Background Vocals / David Sanborn – Saxophone / Lee Sklar – Bass /

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25 Responses to “James Taylor – Steamroller 1979”

  1. Felix Sheldon says:

    Hot Burning Funk, steamroller shotgun joint blower, sweet baby…

  2. whodat42018 says:

    this is music to the fullest i dont know what that rap shit is but i know its not music

  3. rowdymax1 says:

    Kortchmar smokes on this…dayum!

  4. rowdymax1 says:

    Is this the version where he sings “Chicken chokin’ motherfuckin’ cane!!”?

  5. nazrieln says:

    Three solos & one of them by david sanborn! James taylor made history with this live perfomance. Love it!

  6. Britbabe57 says:

    @samsticka: get over it

  7. samsticka says:

    Lee stuck with JT until “Never Die Young”. Danny and Russ should have, too.

  8. MARLEYFANcbr says:

    I really had no idea James Taylor music was like this. I thought it was just “carolina in my mind” and “how sweet it is”. Dang I have really missing out !

  9. sallyfromthevaley says:

    I like the fact that during the solos the other musicians are watching the soloist and smiling. They look like they were having fun on stage.

  10. quad1000 says:

    yeah, but this was the year before :)

  11. quad1000 says:

    @Grendelmonster8u: Right on, this show was a record crowd at Blossom at the time, close to 20,000ish at an outdoor venue just packed to the gills.

  12. jesterd14 says:

    Linda Rondstat used a lot of members of the band that JT put together, and yeah they wailed with her too.

  13. kedeens says:

    soooo awesome . I never saw this . what a bonus to here Sanborn on this

  14. 1stSaintsFan says:

    JT and the musician lineup from the perfect dream…what a band..

  15. 1PhilHarmonic says:

    They had some fun that night

  16. Grendelmonster8u says:

    The [Flag] tour was drawing well. At Pine Knob, JT was about to play for his third of four successive sell-out crowds (12k per night) that were wildly enthusiastic. Honest-to-goodness rock & roll made up a healthy portion of the performance, spurred by Kortchmar and Wachtel’s thick, punchy rhythm guitar textures. And Taylor, who more than any other singer has been branded with the term “mellow,” belted out the songs with fire and closed each hard number with (ctnd…)

  17. quad1000 says:

    I was absolutely at this show at Blossom. I was sold down the river to be a musician this night…bought it lock, stock and barrel.

  18. samsticka says:

    He’s been wearing hats in recent years.

  19. LukeCoulson says:

    Players, play.

  20. LukeCoulson says:

    You only got to look in his eye;

  21. 66feebee says:


  22. Thakiid101 says:

    thats right!

  23. Thakiid101 says:

    that piano was fucking brilliant

  24. MsKat1972 says:

    looks like 2 people accidentally found some real music, and need to go watch some lady Ca Ca instead : /

  25. mdincaa3 says:

    If ANYONE could transcribe the piano solo…you would make my life complete.

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